Friday, May 31, 2013

Free2Luv plans to stamp out bullying once and for all!

Leather Aeon was kind enough to offer his time to help me make a blog post about this great cause.

"In order for anyone to be free, you first have to love yourself and love and respect others. This is what the Free2Luv movement is all about."

Free2luv.Org is a fresh, young and innovative new non profit organisation with one mission, and one mission only.

To 'stamp out bullying once and for all!'.... And boy do they have the passion and backing to do it!

Free2Luv is already supported by various celebrity icons such as Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverley Place), Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical),
Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of a Woman & The Tudors) and Joel Geleynse (Musician) to name a few!

And now, after talking with it's founders in the Real World, Leather Aeon and USC Textures are supporting this AMAZING cause in SecondLife!

Having already raised around 19,000L$ (Equiv = 75USD approx) inworld, Leather and Co are proving that they are more than behind the Free2Luv movement. And so are many other residents inworld who have donated to this worthy cause and joined in with fundraising and events.

Free 2 Luv now has official Kiosks inworld to collect donations for the charity. All donations, 100% of everything put in the kiosks, goes to the official Free2Luv avatar, and then via a verifiable payment route to the real life charity. You can pick up these kiosks inworld, from the official Free2Luv office at Paradise Landing, or the texture sale display benefiting the charity 100%, provided by Leather and the guys at the USC. You can put them in your business in SL, be it a club, a mall, an office - whatever!  Giving YOUR customers the chance to join this movement with us!

Spreading the word is what it is all about, and that is whizzing around the MetaVerse like nobody's business. You can join our "Supporting in SL!" -group to keep upto date with us.

Now another step has been taken and we are working with SecondPride to bring the Free2Luv name forward! They have kindly offered us a free office on their sim, among other lbgt related causes and charities. We now have another permanent base for Leather Aeon and Co to work their magic! This allows us to reach a larger number of people. Having this amazing opportunity given to us, the possibilities are endless!

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