Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love of Fashion and Art

Anrod Meads, a very interesting SL artist, has a new garden location for his artwork. He has a live event coming up next Thursday, 3pm SL time, featuring Caasi.

Anrod hinted that the garden works nicely as a place for a photoshoot, so I decided to make my fashion post there.

Outfit details:

Hair: LoQ: Cotton Candy, Brown, TDR
Skin&eyes: YS&YS: Rebecca, night, TDR
Skirt: Mocha: Tulle, Tiered, Black, Fifty Linden Fridays
Top: Grasp: Loose Style Cami, plain
Shoes: Felicity: Kelsey Stilettos, Black

Poses: Dfo: Love you lots

Texture sale display benefiting Action Aid, at USC Textures

USC Textures has a big display full of textures that are not on sale anywhere else. They are all just 35L$/ box, and all the proceeds benefit Action Aid.

Action Aid is an international anti-poverty non-gov. organization.

These are sets made for Midnight Mania up to the end of 2010. This is part 1, leading up to boxes that start with the letter F. Part 2 will follow later, also for charity.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sweeter than Candy

Outfit details:

Dress: Ingenue: Onde, Aquadot, FLF
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Momo, Mesh, Crystal violet, FLF
Jewellery: Undefined Lilies: Tackered Owl, silver/purple, group gift
Makeup: Adore&Abhor: Lavender Hills hunt
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Carnie Pumps (thanks Pixie!)
Skin: Al Vulo: Arya, Sapphire Milk, TDR
Eyes: Tres Blah: Jejune, Icey


Adore&Abhor: Aries Lambies, Adore, pink/blue and blue/pink, FLF
Glitterati: Shuttered, FLF

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rebel Child of Nature

Man is the unnatural animal, the rebel child of nature, and more and more does he turn himself against the harsh and fitful hand that reared him.
  - H. G. Wells

Outfit details:

Skin, eyes, lashes: Al Vulo: Arya, Sapphire Milk, TDR
Hair: Action: Yuri, Black/Pink, TDR
Sunglasses: JD: Vitaminik,  Pink, TDR
Top: Resun Fashion Design: Scarlett, Black
Boots: Resun Fashion Design: Coco, Black
Skirt: Grasp: Leather Frill Skirt, Black

Pose: Frooti: 52WoC, Week 9, Dandelion, old group gift

Location: Discovery: Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, rides, shows, and experiences in a steampunk / dieselpunk theme.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Borrow Somebody's Dreams 'till Tomorrow

My new favorite jacket, and some cool stuff on sale.

Outfit details:

Jacket: Grasp: Leather biker jacket 2012, (mesh), Black, womens
Hair: Eep: 003, wood2, light browns
Outfit, jewellery, shoes, glasses: Plastik: Leia Megapack, FLF March
Skin, eyes, eyebrows: Plastik: Astrali, Marse, FLF
Piercings: Ellabella: Helene's Tears, silver, mouth, mesh (51L)
Bag: The Secret Store: Tiny Satchel, Angry Owl, RARE, gatcha

Wand: Boom: School Wand (african blackwood), gatcha
Poses: Label Motion: GroupGift Pose 2&3 (usually with a hat)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Light Hits My Eyes

Outfit details:

Eyes: Tres Blah: Jejune, Icey
Jeans: Zoie Life: Beach Bum, Pink Lace
Top: NuDoLu: Robe en maille style vintage, Lavender Hill Hunt
Shoes: Ngelic: EXtreeme heels, strawberry (with hud)
Hair: Tram: B430 Brown & black
Skin: Al Vulo: Alyss, Wonderland, blonde, brow, fairy, group gift

Pose: RibboN: RibboN55
Location: Tres Blah
Environment setting: Fairy Light Pink, Paulin

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Puppets in this virtual show

I posted about Melina M, aka Ling Serenity, in my old blog once, but she has a new location for her gallery Cadeling Garden, and BND shop, now, and deserves a new post. I have always loved her art. I keep seeing it every now and then on the walls of public spaces. I own some pieces as well. Her manga influenced images are naivistic but there is a depth to them. An emotion. The colors are gorgeous, lines so delicate. It shows that she is a graduate of Visual Arts from Paul ValĂ©ry’s University in Montpellier. Melina sees her Second Life avatar Ling Serenity as a doll that creates dolls. She says in her info card: "Melina is no more than the manipulator of her puppets in this virtual show."

The Gallery is shared by Cadel Aboubak, who makes strong abstract paintings that are made unique by the materials mixed in with the paint. Originally from Aurillac, Cadel is completely self thought. Sensuality, fear, anger, love, sharing the artistic experience and finding new inspiration, are important to this artist. My description is based on an online translation from French, so please forgive me for possible errors. (Ling's info was also in English on the notecard the group join sign gives).


Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo: Ramona, Magic Night, dark brow, cleaveage, bisquit, TDR Fusion
Eyes: (came with skin) Carry on olivine
Shoes: JD: Spike, Leo, TDR Edition
Hair: Zero Style: Maya, Yummy, Cinnamon
Pants: Allessandra Designs: Laced Leather Pants, black
Top: Sys Designs: Stardust Pullover, Orange

Poses: Label Motion: JCee 1, 5, 6

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I love the particle exhibit at The Cloud Chateau. Nice place for having some peace and quiet and experiencing the beauty of virtual art.

Outfit details:

Hair: LoQ: Fudge FatPack For TDRFusion
Skin: YS & YS: Calliope, Summernight, Teeth
Eyes: YS&YS: Magnetic Ice (came with skin)
Dress: Zoie Life: At Midnight (set of outfits called The Goth Dresses)
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Faith Boots (all colors hud)
Necklace: Krash: Karma set (old TDR)
Tattoo: VTattoo: Octopus Tattoo

Poses: MGS: Girl Stand F-01, F-02
Location: The Cloud Chateau: "One of Second Life's long standing particle exhibits - By Jopsy Pendragon"

Friday, March 1, 2013

Artwork in beautiful tiny dresses

Aminata wears "Spring Dreams Tiny Dress" (hair Akuma from Ploom)
Pie wears "Yellow Rose Tiny Dress" (Hair Jinx from Ploom)
Butter wears "Warm Dreams Tiny Dress" (hair from Lamb)
Pie is wearing Ravens Kondor Tiny Dress
Pie is wearing Raging Inferno Tiny Dress
Andor Meads creates digital art that is visually very impressive and usually based on math and done with fractal programming. I have admired his work for a while now. Anrod enjoys being a tiny and his new innovation is using his artwork in beautiful tiny dresses. And he makes shoes for them too! Tiny ladies like being fashionable, so his dresses have found an appreciative audience fast. At the Tinypolis location you can also buy the art that was used in making the dress.

- Anrod's and GypsySpirit's Gallery
- Anrod's at EM Tiny Village
- Anrod's at Tinypolis
- Anrod's Marketplace store