Friday, March 1, 2013

Artwork in beautiful tiny dresses

Aminata wears "Spring Dreams Tiny Dress" (hair Akuma from Ploom)
Pie wears "Yellow Rose Tiny Dress" (Hair Jinx from Ploom)
Butter wears "Warm Dreams Tiny Dress" (hair from Lamb)
Pie is wearing Ravens Kondor Tiny Dress
Pie is wearing Raging Inferno Tiny Dress
Andor Meads creates digital art that is visually very impressive and usually based on math and done with fractal programming. I have admired his work for a while now. Anrod enjoys being a tiny and his new innovation is using his artwork in beautiful tiny dresses. And he makes shoes for them too! Tiny ladies like being fashionable, so his dresses have found an appreciative audience fast. At the Tinypolis location you can also buy the art that was used in making the dress.

- Anrod's and GypsySpirit's Gallery
- Anrod's at EM Tiny Village
- Anrod's at Tinypolis
- Anrod's Marketplace store

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