Saturday, March 9, 2013

Puppets in this virtual show

I posted about Melina M, aka Ling Serenity, in my old blog once, but she has a new location for her gallery Cadeling Garden, and BND shop, now, and deserves a new post. I have always loved her art. I keep seeing it every now and then on the walls of public spaces. I own some pieces as well. Her manga influenced images are naivistic but there is a depth to them. An emotion. The colors are gorgeous, lines so delicate. It shows that she is a graduate of Visual Arts from Paul ValĂ©ry’s University in Montpellier. Melina sees her Second Life avatar Ling Serenity as a doll that creates dolls. She says in her info card: "Melina is no more than the manipulator of her puppets in this virtual show."

The Gallery is shared by Cadel Aboubak, who makes strong abstract paintings that are made unique by the materials mixed in with the paint. Originally from Aurillac, Cadel is completely self thought. Sensuality, fear, anger, love, sharing the artistic experience and finding new inspiration, are important to this artist. My description is based on an online translation from French, so please forgive me for possible errors. (Ling's info was also in English on the notecard the group join sign gives).

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