Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enjoying the holidays

Hope you all have been enjoying the holidays. I went to see my parents and siblings and ate more than I care to think about, wow christmas foods really make one sleepy. And who says we can't just curl up in bed with a good book all day if we want to?

Outfit details:

Makeup: MONS: Miracle eyeshadow, TDR Fusion
Hair: M*G*S: Volume bun *reindeer horn*, minihunt until 31st Dec.
Gown and Jewellery: House of Starlight: Green Glitter
Pose: Vista Animations: Sensual female ao.

About M*G*S* Snow Crystal minihunt:
Hunt Date: Dec 8st -31st
Organisers SL Name: maruco Catseye
Starting Point

<< Hints >>

#01 Cave of snow.
#02 When you divide ice.....
#03 His hat is warm.
#04 book seems to collapse!
#05 The last area.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Psst, cool hair this way!

Analog Dog has a hair sale, 25L$ for fatpacks in the special Sale area. I went to a couple of their sales before and have a huge pile of their stuff. The usability and versatility is great for these products. Some tinies like the hairstyles, too, after a bit of modifying and I think they have a lot that would work for merfolk, furries etc.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spiked and chained

 The Dressing Room FUSION is the new location for cool affordable fashion.

In these pictures I am wearing items from the last round in the old location. Yeah, I am so late with my blogging again. Sorry folks. This is also why I made the new blog, can not make promises to be on time with so much to do lately.

Even though some of these items are no longer available, you can see how cool the stuff is that these designers make.

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo: Eleonor: Son of Flowers, group gift
Hair: ChiChickie: Iris - New Release Gift Color - Mahogany
Bag: Toki-Doki: Elephant bag (TDR old location)
Shoes: Glow Studio: Chained Pumps, Black (TDR old location)
Necklace: Glow Studio: Kolia spiked necklace (gold rose) (TDR old location)
Dress: Romi:  Lasa, Grayscale Ombre (TDR old location)
Eyes: X line: 02 BLUE


Paradise Landing Medieval Sim Hunt coming this weekend. Wow this poster is cool btw!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inspiration cooperative

Branwen Arts Cooperative is "looking for visual artists or performers who want their work to be seen and appreciated. Writers, storytellers, dramatists, visual artists, dancers, musicians - if you have an idea and would like to see it we are interested in hearing from you." Listed as people to contact are Fae Varriale and Dubhna Rhiadra.

Anrod Meads creates digital art full of light, energy and detail. His works at Branwen have mathematics at their core, as they are generated by fractal programs. Using different image editing softwares and hand editing the final work, Anrod manages to make mathematical and digital look ethereal, natural. 

Anrod Meads
Rhea Vintner's (website) (Flickr) paintings are simply beautiful. She has been inspired by the creativity in SL since 2011, and is showcasing in several galleries around the grid. To me, her art is what is inspiring.

Rhea Vintner
EOE522 Akina
ArtWolf Eternal is a member of the Blind peoples Association. She  recently got contact lenses she can use to see more of the world she lives in, but most of her life she has not had the same three dimensional view those of us with full eyesight take for granted. She has a long history of several art forms in real life. Now that she has found the virtual worlds, she says that she feels like she has finally found a world where things are as she sees them. To be unsure of how the floor under you is going to behave, if there is a fall, how far from you a car is, the shape of things around you, maybe the virtual landscape teaches the rest of us something about the experiences of those living with visual impairements. Her art is rich in colors and shapes. To me her works look like she is not just seeing things but touching them. She is using visual art as a means to explore the world around her, to taste, smell and feel it and then share it with us. Art is not just a way to learn for her, she clearly has a talent for it and a lot to say through it.

ArtWolf Eternal
Safi Farspire has painted since she was 2 years old. She says she learned a lot in art college but it also made her lose her own way. Since then she has been looking for her muse and felt that she found it just before joining SL and starting as an artist here. Strongly influenced by symbolism and a lover of patterns, Safi paints powerful, meaningful images. Her work has elements from islamic art and world folk art. It should not come as a surprise that her recent work has been inspired by her dreams and symbols meaningful to her. Having collaborated with artists of different mediums, this artist is a unique voice able to find strenght and meaning from the world and people around her.

Safi Farspire
Fae Varriale is a multitalented artist who fully embraces the opportunities the virtual worlds offer in ways of visual expression and techniques. Dreamworlds of myth, folklore and fantasy, her artwork is based on photography she takes inworld. In addition to digital paintings, she does stage design, 3d art and immersive installations. Collaborating with others in creating mixed media installations incorporating live performances, music, storytelling and dance, Fae has become a known entity in SL art world. She builds for Madpea, and is a choreographer for DiversionzDance, as well as a co owner and co manager of Branwen Arts Centre.

Fae Varriale
In the second floor foyer, there are some art works by artists exhibiting downstairs. Mandala paintings and Unfurl 2 statue by Fae Varriale, and EOE's "Keeper of the Threshold statue.

Fae Varriale and EOE
The exhibit called Abstract Dimensions by Nino Vichan is an experience in itself. The dark room full of colorful, gorgeous paintings, is inspiring to anyone with artistic aspirations.

Nino Vichan
Abstract dimensions explained
The 3rd floor has a nice space for live performances.
I really enjoyed exploring this gallery. I recommend it to anyone interested in art. It also works as a great example for anyone, who is, like me, planning a gallery. I can not wait to be making some art again myself, these works were so inspiring!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Viper Gallery at Gay Riviera (adult)

So,  I had been wondering, what to show you guys from Gay Riviera. Been there for a few events myself and it is a really fun place, and a very beautifully built one at that. They have stores by many a quality SL brand.

Then I saw a banner for the Viper Gallery online and decided to visit. It is a small shop with gorgeous photography of adult nature. The sim itself is adult, so take that in to account if you decide to visit.

I love the tongue in cheek humor of the photographs combined with a sleek style and clearly a great talent. Even if you are not attracted to males, you may find beauty in these images. They are like poems in honor of their subjects, if you allow a mushy expression.

I do not want to hide my blog under a warning for adult content, so I am not showing the imagery in this post. Instead you get a shot of the gallery front and a couple of outfit images. I have been thinking "guest at a gallery opening" for this outfit for a while actually, I love the gorgeous dress by Kunglers.

Outfit details:

Earrings: Eluzion: Mariasha
Eyes: Adam n Eve: Mesh Eyes, Fawn, free sample
Dress: Kunglers: #62, The Dressing Room, Blue
Hair: D!va: Chiharu, Black amber
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Lola pumps, all colors hud

Poses from Vista Animations Sensual female ao.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sometimes it is fun to just surf through blogosphere and look for inspiration. Here are some of the finds I made today.

Wow the guys of SLipster take the most inspiring photographs. Love this blog so much!

Image copyright: James Schwarz

I have a tendency to go gaga over interior design and BlahToWah was a find I am giddy about.

Image copyright: Trash Wahwah
Nana Minuet has a lovely soft style and her images are gorgeous.

Image copyright: Nana Minuet
Pleisure is a blog that combines an artistic style with fashion. Perfect.

Image Copyright: Portia Capelo

Friday, October 26, 2012

Charity event today 4 pm SLT

The Warehouse has a charity event today 4 pm SLT  with proceeds donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research and education.

This new club is really cool. I love the set up. Join us for the party, and the auction!

Here is what they wrote in the invitation:
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer affects everyone. No matter who you are, it is likely that you know someone that has been affected by it it some way. Perhaps even lost loved ones to the insidious killer.

Organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation are dedicated to supporting research into new diagnostic methods and treatments as well as improving education to help individuals detect the symptoms at an early stage. They also assist both patients and their families cope with the disease and treatment.

 The Warehouse is pleased to support this cause by doing what we do best; having a party! Please join us at 4 pm SLT on Friday 10-26 as we enjoy a night of awesome entertainment and even more awesome people. Kicking off the night we have the incredible LongHard Rhode with a special two hour live performance that will knock your socks off (and possibly other clothing articles).

Following LongHard's show, DJ KiKi will be taking the stage to spin some rocking tunes from 6-7 pm.

Capping off this amazing evening, DJ Sparrow will take the stream from 7-9 pm SLT to get everyone's blood pumping with her awesome mix of blues and blues inspired rock.

We will have a some items to auction off and all proceeds from the auctions and tips will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research and education.  Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 L's (about $100 US) so please help us support this worthy cause if you can.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beam me there

Cinema! has a lot of interesting consepts by talented designers. It is a shopping experience with much effort put in the athmosphere. Cinema! bows towards known fandoms as well as original new ideas. Here are my finds from just one of the several theatres that are packed with shops.

Hanaya and Farth have cute original mesh robot pets!

Hanaya: Free Stasis chamber

ID: free 3d glasses and free demo eyes

Hopscotch: free flyable ufo

Tardis! K9!

The Darwin rocker dinosaurs by Conspiracy theory are only 13$L in the gacha!

Adorkable poses have several interesting pose backs, including one with  Leeloo from my favorite movie Fifth Element.

Ladies wearing E! Scifi dresses would make captain Kirk faint

 The entrance has info boards and group joiners.

Outfit info:

House of Starlight: Peach, Mesh outfit, includes boots and bangles
D!va: Maya, Topaz hair. 2nd anniversary group gift
LEO-NT: Fa(u)ntasy Gacha Horns (pinklady)
ID: 3d glasses
Az: promo Blue Ice eyes, dollarbie

Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012



We do not have Halloween in Finland, but in Second Life I have a chance of participating. Here are some of the things I found fun so far.

Outfit details:

Skin: Amacci: Liane, Goth, Silver Tattoo 2,
Shoes: Severed Garden: Halloween Gift Pumps
Hat: The Mad Hattery (new location!): Something to Crow About" Top Hat, Group Gift
Hair: Truth: Stevie, Oasis
Eyes: X-line: Dark Brown
Top: Violet Moods: Grape halter top
Undershirt: ASO!: Mariswim, gray
Pants: Sleeping Koala: Bandage Leggings, Purple Fishnet
Lashes: Howear: Demoness (outfit)


USC Textures: Pumpkin Print 01
Off the Wall: The Grim Reaper Tree, sale
MGS: Pumpkin sofa and ornament, Halloween Gift
Hanaya: Spooky Ghost, Group Gift, "Once rezzed, the ghost will randomly appear and disappear in the same location, emitting spooky sounds. A wearable, non-rigged mesh with a full-body alpha is also included".

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drawing inspiration

Cica Ghost's Black and White World at LEA 13 is a fantastic experience. Cica says in the description of her installation, in the LEA blog, that her idea for this project came from an imaginary world she has in her mind. I love the storybooklike feel of her work. The drawings move around and the world is full of fun little details.

I was going to take pictures of the sim itself only, at first, but the whole experience is somehow made even better by the visitors moving around and interacting inside the fantasy world. It is a great place to spend time alone or with friends, and to let your mind wander. I feel like writing poems or painting after a moment there.

Outfit details:

-Eyes: ID: Snowfall, old Seasons gacha
-Hair: Diva: Naomi, Onyx, 20000+ group gift
-Corset: Chandelle: Lya Pink
-Hair Accessory: Loq: Bird Skull for TDRB (old)
-Howear: Pants: Suspended, Straps and Wings: Fallen
-Boots: Insanya: Obey

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boobiethon Art Auction gathered 100 000 lindens!

The piece on the back wall on white stones, in wooden frame, is Poetry of Spaces by me.
I wanted to go back to the Boobiethon 2012 Art Auction site at RoHaus gallery to take one last look at the art that was up for auction until yesterday afternoon. So much great talent. And this auction made amazing 100 000 lindens for Feel your boobies foundation!

A couple of more events still left in the Boobiethon calendar, today:

October 13th, 12p-2p SLT
October 13th, 6p-8p SLT