Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spiked and chained

 The Dressing Room FUSION is the new location for cool affordable fashion.

In these pictures I am wearing items from the last round in the old location. Yeah, I am so late with my blogging again. Sorry folks. This is also why I made the new blog, can not make promises to be on time with so much to do lately.

Even though some of these items are no longer available, you can see how cool the stuff is that these designers make.

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo: Eleonor: Son of Flowers, group gift
Hair: ChiChickie: Iris - New Release Gift Color - Mahogany
Bag: Toki-Doki: Elephant bag (TDR old location)
Shoes: Glow Studio: Chained Pumps, Black (TDR old location)
Necklace: Glow Studio: Kolia spiked necklace (gold rose) (TDR old location)
Dress: Romi:  Lasa, Grayscale Ombre (TDR old location)
Eyes: X line: 02 BLUE

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