Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enjoying the holidays

Hope you all have been enjoying the holidays. I went to see my parents and siblings and ate more than I care to think about, wow christmas foods really make one sleepy. And who says we can't just curl up in bed with a good book all day if we want to?

Outfit details:

Makeup: MONS: Miracle eyeshadow, TDR Fusion
Hair: M*G*S: Volume bun *reindeer horn*, minihunt until 31st Dec.
Gown and Jewellery: House of Starlight: Green Glitter
Pose: Vista Animations: Sensual female ao.

About M*G*S* Snow Crystal minihunt:
Hunt Date: Dec 8st -31st
Organisers SL Name: maruco Catseye
Starting Point

<< Hints >>

#01 Cave of snow.
#02 When you divide ice.....
#03 His hat is warm.
#04 book seems to collapse!
#05 The last area.

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