Friday, October 19, 2012



We do not have Halloween in Finland, but in Second Life I have a chance of participating. Here are some of the things I found fun so far.

Outfit details:

Skin: Amacci: Liane, Goth, Silver Tattoo 2,
Shoes: Severed Garden: Halloween Gift Pumps
Hat: The Mad Hattery (new location!): Something to Crow About" Top Hat, Group Gift
Hair: Truth: Stevie, Oasis
Eyes: X-line: Dark Brown
Top: Violet Moods: Grape halter top
Undershirt: ASO!: Mariswim, gray
Pants: Sleeping Koala: Bandage Leggings, Purple Fishnet
Lashes: Howear: Demoness (outfit)


USC Textures: Pumpkin Print 01
Off the Wall: The Grim Reaper Tree, sale
MGS: Pumpkin sofa and ornament, Halloween Gift
Hanaya: Spooky Ghost, Group Gift, "Once rezzed, the ghost will randomly appear and disappear in the same location, emitting spooky sounds. A wearable, non-rigged mesh with a full-body alpha is also included".

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