Monday, October 1, 2012

Galleries galore

Today I visited Campus d'Art, a whole region full of galleries. Owned and curated by Cecilia Delacroix, this area is a treasure trove for anyone interested in art. Some of the galleries are for educational purposes. Others showcase and sell contemporary art by rl and SL artists. Cecilia told me she has worked on this art region for six years, and it shows, as it took me hours just to get a surface level picture of what can be found there. I need to go back often to take a deeper look in each of the exhibits. And there is new art coming soon!

Delacroix Gallery of Photography showcases photography by Cecilia Delacroix. The exhibit sets are Western U.S. scenics, "Reflections of Las Vegas" and "The Vineyards of Santa Rita Hills". Going from detailed to abstract, the photographs show the athmosphere and moods of each place and moment. I found a gorgeous picture of the Redwoods in California. Having visited there myself, I loved how the image captured the spirit of the forest. Luckily artwork is on sale in the gallery.

Nextdoor is "Meadow Flowers of Summer", an exhibit of photograps by Cecilia Delacroix and Bloodrose Valencia.

I really liked an image called Midsummer Morning Flowers #1, hummingbird!

Delacroix Pavilion nearby houses exhibits by guests artists. The current exhibit is "Garden and Glass" with 42 pictures of blown glass art by Seattle based artist Dale Chihuly.

More glass art at the Contemporary Glass Art exhibit in the Bella Vida gallery a short walk away, take the escalator down.

There is plenty more to see around the campus. I recommend you take your time looking around. List of the galleries with pictures after the jump.

Primagery by Sledge Roffo shows how a great idea can blossom into something amazing. Roffo makes sculptures and then takes pictures up close. The resulting pairings of sculpture and photography are inspiring to say the least.

Musée d'Art Classique seen from Primagery
 Gallerie du Coeur shows photographs by digital artist Ronin1 Shippe and pottery created by SL resident Esmee Isbell.

There are 9 Second Life artists' collections galleries around the campus: , Gallerie du Centre, Musée d'Art Classique, Musée d'Art Classique, East Annex - The Art Deco Era, Gallerie d'Art Nouveau, Gallerie d'Art Nouveau Southwest, Gallerie d'Art Nouveau East, Gallerie du Coeur, and Diebenkorn Gallery.

Musée d'Art Classique  has 9 exhibits: "Abstract Art, Early-mid 20th Century", "Piet Mondrian", "Joel Greene", "Landscapes of David Hockney", "California Impressionism Landscapes, 1910-30", "The Quilts of Gee's Bend", "Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman", Philip Hyde photography: "The Deserts of North America", and Pottery by Second Life sculptors.

Gallerie d'Art Nouveau Southwest
Kinetic Sculpture Pavilion & Sculpture Plaza have sculptures by many SL artists.

"Shorelight Reflections" at Delacroix Gallery West shows more recent photography by Cecilia Delacroix. Her Magical Longwood Gardens exhibit is at Plein Air Gallery.

Plein Air Gallery South has a photo exhibit by Melusina Parki called Second Deco, showing Art Deco places in Second Life.

Nextdoor Gallerie M shows works of Photo artist Em Larsson.
Gallerie M and Plein Air Gallery South
Lake House Gallery features paintings by RL artist Ritchey Sealy (SL name Ritchey Jacobus). The build by Valradica Vale is an exact replica of the house seen in the 2003 film "Lake House".
The surrounding Cecilia Park and Ampitheatre were landscaped by Hylee Bekkers.

Plein air Gallery Central Annex has an exhibit that is sure to interest history buffs and crafters as well as art enthusiasts. The Scottish Tartans Exhibit even shows clan names if you click edit/general.

Rothko Gallery features color field painting (Abstract Expressionism) works by Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970)

Plein Air Gallery West Exhibit shows Pop art.

Gallerie d'Art Vins and Tasting Room is dedicated to wine label designs and is a delightful space to spend time in.

An upcoming exhibit in the Promenade exhibit "California Light" will show landscapes from early 21st Century artists.

Ancient Grounds coffeehouse
Delacroix Hall
You can take an air tour of the campus by going hangcliding.

Cecilia Delacroix also has an exhibit of Vintage air travel art posters "off campus" at Gallery of Air Travel Art, in hangar 1 at New Horizons Airport.

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