Saturday, September 29, 2012

Expressions of the Mind

The feather pen from my mail art exhibit has a new life in the USC Gallery. On the right art by a tiny fox Pieni.
The gallery is on the top floor at USC Texture Tomb in Paradise Landing.
Aeon Art by Leather Aeon
Phoenix Unbound, by Kyler Collas
Temba's Gallery
The voting for official gallery logo is on the floor below the gallery.

Expressions of the Mind, USC Gallery, is a new free space for SL artists to showcase their work. Curated by Kyler Collas, the gallery features many different types of art. The only requirement is that sculptures are not too scripted or primmy. This is a great opportunity to share your vision at a popular location open for everyone. The artists can sell their art if they wish. There are still spaces available, make sure to take a look and contact Kyler Collas inworld for further information.

For artists and audiences alike, the gallery is free, but donations are welcomed to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. For this purpose, there are going to be several donation kiosks around the space. By voting for your favorite logo you will be able to donate 1-4 lindens to the charity as well. Voting will be open for a couple more days. All donations go straight to the charity.

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