Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Art in the virtual

My own artistic spider senses are tingling with inspiration knowing the new artists in residence for the LEA fullsim 6month grant season have now been picked. Some of the names I could recognize, take a look if you find any that you know. I notice some are known for their work in SL business, as well as the art scene. I had a really good experience with the LEA grant last season. My own exhibit did not work out as I planned it to, but I got to know sim management and see, how ideas in SL work in big space. I wish everyone the best of luck for the new season, it is going to be amazing. Remember to keep an eye out for the openings of these sims.

Speaking of openings, LEA full sim art series for September, Cinema! is promising to be a glamorous look back into the history of movie going, as well as a chance to see a lot of interesting SL machinima played on big screen.

And last chance to see a really cool exhibit by Bryn Oh: Anna's Many Murders. It is closing September 28th, so you need to be quick to catch it. Bryn Oh wrote an interesting description of the basis of her idea for this exhibit. Click the link on Bryn's name and follow her blog. It is the best source of information on art in SL I have found so far. She is featured on Virtual Environments Daily.

Oh and read about the LEA Art Sandbox in Ziki's blog. If you want to rezz your art for people to see and have no place to exhibit it atm, this is your place.

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