Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And if you want it too, then there's nothing left to do - Lets start a band

OD Designs has instruments with poses for anyone willing to rock out. I know I look ultra cool doing the male poses, lol. I really liked the store, it is just like going to music stores rl and looking at people pretending they can play. Also what do you buy for someone, who seems to have everything? My answer was a really cool guitar.

Outfit details:

Shoes: BBC: Yuyu, flat shoes, gatcha
Pants: Peqe: Blossom / Peruvian
Rings: Insanya: Zed Is Dead Baby, black
Top: MGS: Mini tops, gray, mesh
Lashes: Mynerva: Milena, fitted eyelashes, group gift with preview
Eyes: Barones MG: Blueblood
Hair: D!va: Marie, Type B, Onyx
Jewellery: Eluzion: Gabina earrings, Maki mouth pearls

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