Friday, February 22, 2013

Fifty linden fridays

It has been a while, but I decided to blog some of the current round of Fifty linden fridays.

DIGS has this nice looking mesh daybed, 6 LI and a great menu of poses. It's got five wood and four mattress textures to pick from. For fifty lindens it seems like a real bargain.

Love the special hairstyles from Wasabi Pills.

POST has been my favorite interior design store for a long while now. Their Fairlawn sideboard is just seven LI and looks fantastic. And I must say it was a positive change to see that they removed an unfriendly sign from the entrance that had been bugging me a bit admittedly. It was about scripts causing lag etc, but not every shopper is a problem causer. Anyway, everything at this store looks gorgeous and as I said, it has been a go to place for interior design to me for quite some time. They do buildings and landscaping, too.

My outfit is just what I had on while shopping. Jeans by Howear, skin by Apple May Designs, vest by Cool Beans, hair by D!va, eyes by Redgrave, V Tattoo, boots by Insanya, gloves by Rotten Toe.

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