Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Expressing Luv

Expressions of the Mind Art Gallery has a new location and new build. The charity Free2Luv And USC Textures are working together to house a great selection of art, to run the gallery and to promote it, and of course to spread word about the important cause.

Free2Luv is a charity working to promote kindness and end bullying. Read more about it from the official website. Leather Aeon, manager of USC Textures Tomb and sim, is an officially recognized representative of the charity in SL. See his "extraordinary peeps of the week" profile on their website. (Scroll down).

The gallery has only been up for a couple of days and the first floor has already been rented out to talented artists from around the grid. Visit the gallery soon and contact Free2Luv Resident for further details on renting your own space.

I have a spot there too and think that combining art with a good cause this way is a fabulous idea

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